As the world 1st company

we re:connect people with their nature

Olive Tree People with 440% growth in 2016 – 2021, more then 30m in Revenue, tremendous social proof and a $ 4,5T TAM

The Opportunity

OLIVE TREE PEOPLE launched a global, democratized public offering for unaccredited investors – now anyone can become a shareholder in OLIVE TREE PEOPLE.

We reconnect people with their nature all over the world.

With a global and unique green tech process, Olive Tree People transports the 432hz energy frequency and primeval information of our millennial mountain olives to people all over the world.

We are able to reconnect 1 million people in the first step...

...and 500 million in the coming years. This makes us the 1st company in the world that is able to reconnect people millions of with their nature.

Traction and growth that outpaces the industry.

440% growth with more then 30 m in revenue 2016 bis 2021, 13 point cross margin in the same period and 84% customer retention rate and the goal of 89M revenue in 2025.


People can only live outside the laws of nature until the non-connectedness shows up in symptoms.

With the increasing spread of so-called lifestyle or civilization diseases (more than 68% of our society are affected) it becomes clear, how important it is to reconnect with nature in order to resolve the causes of the imbalance and to regain balance. It is like nourishment for the soul.


We re:connect people with their nature.

With a global and unique green tech process, OLIVE TREE PEOPLE transports the 432hz energy frequency and primeval information of our milenial mountain olives to people all over the world.

With the bioactive bracelet olive : me, or at home, in the office or in public spaces with the big : olive on the wall – you can feel the balancing, primeval information and energy of 7,000-year-old olive tree science, no matter where you are. Exactly in the right dosage, because here, too, nature is unmatched by its intuition and variability.

Further products

! Confirmed scientifically !

Research scientist Dr. Philip Callahan measured the frequency of the vibrational state of trees by placing a low-frequency measuring coil. He discovered that tree consciousness works up to 24 Hz, which means that it falls within the spectrum of human consciousness. When he noticed that a human had sent unconditional love to a tree, he discovered that the consciousness of both the human and the tree was out of phase – meaning that a connection was taking place. This experiment and all research at Damanhur University in Italy and the University of Florence show, both conventionally and scientifically, that we can communicate with trees.

Social Network

OLIVE TREE PEOPLE founded a social network that reconnects people world wide with millennia-old olive trees and enables them to reconnect with their own nature: For inner beauty and life balance.


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Social Proof

Featured in Vogue, Elle, Instyle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Harper‘s Bazaar, and other media, with 35.8M people reached in 2020.

Unpaid celebrity endorsement:

Gigi Hadid Switched to OLIVEDA Line During Her Pregnancy

Perks of Investing

Invest in OLIVE TREE PEOPLE and try our products for free.



$750 investment



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$4,500 investment



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$18,000 investment

* Perks will be distributed once your investment and the round has completely closed. We do not yet have a timeframe for this. Perks will be given digitally to your account. If you do not have an account, we will help you set one up.

From Our Founder

„I owe my way back to life to the olive trees,“ says OLIVE TREE PEOPLE founder Thomas Lommel. During his „time of silence“, as he calls it, Thomas got in contact with „his“ olive trees through the olive tree meditation he had developed. They helped him with their energy and information through the most difficult time of his life. „It sounds strange, but I felt connected even though I had never seen them up close before. The trees communicated with me and they gave me strength and confidence,“ he explains.
These magical experiences with his olive trees are the foundation of all brands under the umbrella of OLIVE TREE PEOPLE today. Thomas bought his first olive grove in Andalusia, went into seclusion in his tree house in an olive tree, where he developed the first components for his “heart-project” called OLIVE re:connected to nature. „I wanted to share the incredible power of the frequencies from the olive tree, which I was able to experience on my own body, with everyone.“

Thomas Lommel